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I think there comes a time in every 20 something’s life when they realize that Forever 21 is not actually a promise. This realization hit me hard after I changed careers from a very corporate job to a career in technology. I traded in pencil skirts and blazers for jeans and tennis shoes. Except, I had one problem. Most of my wardrobe updates had come in the way of getting acceptable business attire for the office. 

The other problem was that I really hadn’t thought about my style since college. I tend to buy the same things over and over again. I knew that I would need some help. I’ve used a couple of stylist services in the past like Le Tote, Stitch Fix and a personal stylist. I’ve never really loved any of those experiences. For me the clothes were either really overpriced, terrible quality or the stylist completely ignored my requests. 

When I heard that Trunk Club had been acquired by Nordstrom and offered a women's selection I knew I had to give it a shot. Some of my favorite clothes had been from brands Nordstrom carries. I got my first trunk in 2017 from my stylist Perry. I knew I liked her right away. They have a messenger app where you can communicate directly with your stylist. This made it super easy to share my fashion board from Pinterest and Instagram influensters I like. Most importantly, I felt like Perry really listened. In the past, I’ve had to repeat the same thing over and over again to stylists to get the items I actually wanted. It was disheartening to be really excited for your package only to find you got polka dots again. I am forever jealous of girls who can rock polka dots. 

Once I gave Perry an idea of what I was looking for she knocked it out of the park on the first trunk. After she sent me a trunk preview to review and approve I think I only changed maybe one or two things because the pieces were actually so similar to what I already owned. That showed me she got it. That’s probably been one of the most defining and awesome parts of Trunk Club. Stylists make their suggestions, but you have control over what actually gets sent and if you select they can send you additional items.

After my trunk arrived I was really impressed with the packaging. Hey, first impressions matter! Everything was stored in this cute trunk box and tied with ribbons. It made unpacking it feel like more than just getting clothes in the mail and still kept the shopping experience alive. 

The only thing I don’t care for about Trunk Club is that they don’t accept Nordstrom gift cards or notes. This kind of bit me in the ass when I got a big Nordstrom gift card for Christmas + a Nordstrom note for having a Nordstrom card so I purchased a little more from my trunk than normal. I only find out they didn’t accept those payment methods when I called customer service. I wish that had been communicated on the front end. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a stylist service that has quality goods, excellent customer service and a fun experience I would recommend Trunk Club. I should add this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I have spent so much money on other services I truly was glad to come across Trunk Club. I hope I save you some trouble on your search for cute clothes!

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