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Hi there! I'm Stephanie.

All my life I have been a fairly active and health-conscious person. I learned to cook at a young age and started experimenting with my family recipes. Thankfully, my exercise was a hobby not something I dreaded. I loved to dance and swim and rarely focused too much on what I was eating or the god-forsaken calorie count. Of course, I had to grow up and take on adult responsibilities so these things started taking a backseat to more important things like how the heck am I going to pay rent this month or I hate my job so my time at home is spent escaping from the 9-5 life.

In 2016, I hit the heaviest weight I had ever been. Depression, a failing career and a mostly sedentary lifestyle had finally caught up to me. I stepped on the scale one morning and broke into tears. I honestly couldn't believe it or if I'm being honest I guess I didn't want to believe it. Naturally, I continued in denial and I made some half-assed attempts at changing my diet and exercise as the number on the scale continued to climb. It wasn't until I saw a picture I was tagged in on Facebook and I did a double take. I thought for sure it was someone else. I had finally been confronted with the truth. This was my breakthrough moment. There was no more running from this. 

I didn't even recognize myself. Depression, anxiety and PCOS were robbing my life of happiness and wellness. I made a plan, but this time I was mad. Mad at myself for letting this happen. Mad at the world for the series of events that led me to this. Mad at my depression. I didn't want to try yet another diet fad. I wanted a new lifestyle. 

I tried to find blogs and a community that wasn't a diet or fitness app. I couldn't really find one. Especially one catered to people who have to be in front of a screen all day to get their work done. I doubt I'm the only person on a journey to living and feeling better so that's when I decided I would start theHealthyDev. 

Whether you're a developer or a Cyberman I hope you find something here that helps you on your journey. 

Wishing you an array of health,